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Songs, Hymns and Spiritual Songs.

Here you will find new sheet music in the form of Songs, Hymns and Spiritual Songs, which I have either written or published. They are provided free of charge to bring praise and honor to the LORD Jesus Christ, in private or corporate worship. The music found here is not to be used for any other purpose without written permission.

The Parable of the Treasure

This is a poetic paraphrase of the Parable of the treasure in the field in Matthew 13:44, which my sister, Tiffany, wrote one day after hearing a message on this text. You can find a beautiful arrangement of this song on the CD, Not Finished Yet! by Annie Danae.

Be Thou My Vision

A new melody to a very old Irish hymn. This melody has some Irish styling to it as well, although it is quite different from the original.

I Love Thee, I Love Thee

A new melody to an old hymn.

Be Still My Soul

This melody was written while meditating on the words of this beautiful often overlooked hymn. The original melody is great and if you know the classical piece, Finlandia, that it was taken from, you know that it is the quiet hymn tune after the brass and Tympani climax just before. I found the hymn tune distracting, because of the down-beat before each phrase that few people played or sang right, and also that it reminded me so much of the classical piece that I had never digested the incredible message. I had lost nearly all the wood, hay, and stubble I owned due to a home invasion robbery, and also just had some other very difficult news. Since I relax at the piano, I went into the church building and sat down at the piano and started flipping through the hymnal kind of absent-mindedly playing. I got to this song, and while I read and meditated on the words with new meaning, my fingers were playing this melody. I didn’t think about it, I was thinking about the words and it just came to me. I hope you find it a blessing as I did.

My Song Shall Be Of Jesus

I saw the words to this in a Hymn book and didn’t know there was a melody, so I wrote this one. I later found there is a melody already written! At any rate, I love the concept of this beautiful poem written by Fanny Crosby.

Lost In Wonder, Love and Praise

This is a re-write of Love Divine, All Loves Excelling. I took this one to the Pine Lake Music Composer’s Symposium and it was very well received. I have made a few changes as recommended by the professionals there, and am currently soliciting for a new text as well.


Jesus, Lover Of My Soul

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