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Hymnprovisation (verb):”The art of taking a hymn or gospel song, and improvising on the written parts, in order to effectively convey the message”.

This site exists to serve the church and individual Christians who have a passion to make excellent music for the glory of GOD. We believe He deserves only the best. We may not attain to that this side of glory, but we strive for it in every way we know how.

On this site, you will find sheet music, articles, blog posts, links to other resources, videos, sound bytes, classes and workshops, and an entire book for church pianists on this subject.

By way of introduction, I have been involved in church music ministry for over 20 years, accompanying congregations on the piano from Idaho, to Belize, and California, to Kentucky while the saints sing hymns and gospel songs. I have also sung in a mixed quartet, choirs, played other instruments and lead worship. I am by no means am the most accomplished pianist (far from it), but I have been able to pick up a few things here and there from both my own experience and from others, and been successful at applying them to effectively communicate the message of the music. In recent years, I’ve been asked to teach some of these things to others who play in church as well.  This website’s purpose is to share some of these things with you in hopes that you too, might be able to take a hymn, gospel song or really any other music as written and easily apply the techniques that are available to effectively communicate the message of the song whether you are a pianist, organist, song leader, or other musician.

This ministry is dedicated toward bringing praise, glory and the honor due to Chief Musician and King of kings, The Creator of mankind, of nature, and of this wonderful thing we call music! Music was designed to bring Him glory, honor, and praise. It is Him we seek to glorify, not we ourselves.


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  1. James Shove says:

    Great site!

  2. Becca Lee Shove says:

    What a blessing of a site this is!

  3. Vitor Borges says:

    Very happy to find this site, thank you!

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