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Videos and Youtube Clips on Improvisation



 Hymnprovisation on Trust and Obey, in the style of “The Dean of Gospel Pianists”, Rudy Atwood.



Hymnprovisation in the style of Chopin, on Oh The Deep, Deep, Love of Jesus. 



Hymnprovisation on Take Time To Be Holy, by Mr. Neil Craig:

Here are two clips from a lesson Mr. Craig was giving to some of his students. In these un edited clips, he explains how to add substitute chords on this classic hymn, and all without affecting the singers! Worth the time, if you are interested in improving your improvisational skills! I blogged about this here.


The 4 ways sound affects us.

We thought you might benefit from this TED talk, by Julian Treasure, on the 4 ways that sound affects us.

An “Hymnprovisation” of, It Is Well With My Soul:


Five Movements in American Church Music

Don Wyrtzen, composer, arranger, and pianist, talks about five movements of American Church Music at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Mr. Wyrtzen has a unique style. While it’s not my personal favorite, I still am able to learn from it. The reason I am putting this video up though, is not to showcase his style as much as to point out three things I found interesting and helpful:

  1. Whether you agree with his interpretations or not, he thinks about the words when he plays, and attempts to play the words.
  2. He is an accomplished improvisor.
  3. He discusses five movements in American Church Music, and demonstrates each (beginning at 8:58). This is something I found valuable, and hope you might as well, in understanding and properly interpreting music in the church.