Hymnprovisation: The Art of Effective Accompaniment book

Learn how to use creative techniques to effectively improvise and accompany hymns and gospel songs. Some of the topics addressed are how to:

  • Play the Words
  • Use Octaves
  • Runs (right and left hand, chromatic, diatonic, and patterns)
  • Chords and their inversions
  • Chord substitutions
  • Chord uses
  • Harmonies
  • Playing by ear
  • Melodic left-hand intervals (tenths, fifths, sixths, sevenths)
  • Left hand stride (Down beats and after beats)
  • Arpeggios (ascending, descending, left, right, and crossover)
  • Patterns and forms (break up chords in different ways [root, fifth, tenth, etc])
  • Simple or complex improvisations
  • Trills, mordents, glissando, octave rolls
  • Major/minor
  • Key changes
  • Segues, Bridges, Transitions, Interludes, Cadences.
  • Styles-Classical, Baroque, Romantic, Classic, Black Gospel, Southern Gospel, “Romantic Gospel”, Praise and Worship and CCM.
  • Timing nuances within (and without) the posted signature
  • Dynamics
  • Endings

Also included are sections on playing with groups, ensembles, or bands; Playing for the audience; Who the audience is; valuable tips I’ve learned over the years; accompanying solos; and much more!

Written by veteran church pianist, Chris Dortignac, with over 20 years of experience accompanying congregations, and soloists, at churches, camps, and other events. Now you can learn what he learned the hard way! This book is geared toward all levels of pianists, with elementary, intermediate and some advanced techniques as well. 160+ pages with many examples and complete index.


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